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Iona Wool Socks

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Handmade, supercosy house socks with reinforced toe and heel. 
50% Iona Wool, 25% Nylon, 25% Mohair.

On Iona we generally kick off our boots at the front door and slide around our houses in our socks, just like they do in Finland. We love cosy socks so we've been wanting to make a proper, rugged sock with Iona Wool for ages. The first step was to create a suitable yarn, which meant spinning with nylon and mohair for added durability and comfort. Next we had to find a suitable partner who could make the sock we wanted. We were lucky to hear about a place in Finland that was still using traditional Finnish sock making methods, and after a short conversation we knew instantly we’d found a perfect match. See for yourself!

Available in three sizes;

Small, UK 4 - 6, European 37 - 39, US 6 - 8.5.

Medium, UK 6.5 - 8, European 40 - 42, US 7 - 9.

Large, UK 9 - 11, European 43 - 45, US 10 -12.

NB. Traditional Finnish woollen socks are designed to be loose around the ankle. They will relax with use and tighten again when washed.

Machine wash at 30°C.