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Iona Wool Felted Slippers - Yellow Wellies

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  • 100% Single Origin Iona Wool - unique mix of seven different breeds, carefully graded and combined for optimum quality.
  •  Hand made in Finland using traditional, century old techniques.
  • With a rubber sole for added traction & protection.
  • See below for care and sizing guidelines.

"When made in the hands of professionals, a pair of felt footwear is like two unique individuals, ready to step into service.” Jukka Lahtinen.

An ambition since the first days of Iona Wool, we’re so delighted that Iona Wool slippers have finally become a reality! It’s taken years of research and development, but in Autumn 2018 we eventually found a partner in Finland who were up for experimenting with our wool, and one year later we received our first batch of Iona Wool slippers!

The Lahtinen family have been making felted boots and slippers since 1921, and their methods have remained essentially unchanged since then.

"The felting process is like a manipulated chaos, which is based on the fact that the wool fibres become tangled. The felter tries to influence the process with machinery ensuring that the tangling of fibres progresses in the desired way.

At the beginning, the slab of a felt boot is almost two times larger than the final intended product. The slab is felted until the required thickness and compactness has been achieved. At the end, the felt slab is moulded on a last and left to dry. During this phase, the felt is stretched into the desired form"

Watch a short film of the process here.

Care and Sizing Guidelines

Felt boots do not stretch out; if anything they may shrink slightly due to the nature of the felting process. Our slippers are sized fairly generously though, so we recommend buying your regular size.

Felt boots do not require much caretaking. After usage, it is recommended to shape the boots in their form by filling them with paper, for instance, and drying them at a low heat (+40 C). If the felt boot becomes soaking wet, it can loose its form, so direct water should be avoided. The surface can be easily cleaned by brushing. The preferable choice for storing the boots is a dark location at room temperature or colder. Felt products also need to be protected from moths.

"Felt footwear is united with nature – pure wool materials ensure that the footwear does not contaminate the environment. Wool felt feels both soft and warm on the feet and yet very light and breathable."