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The Reassuring Blanket - Iona Wool, Limited Edition.

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Our very first Iona Wool blanket is a real heavyweight. Weighing in at 2kg, it's AMAZING¬†to sleep under because you get a gentle hold as well as warmth ūü•į.¬†

Skilfully woven with an experimental chunky yarn produced in our first edition of Iona Wool - a yarn so beautiful, thick and gnarly you can almost make out the individual sheep - the resulting blanket is a serious bit of textile. It's like having a woolly minder. 

  • Available in a limited edition of 30, with design detail hand dyed on Iona.
  • Woven 8 miles from source on the mighty Dobcross loom at Ardalanish - a wind powered, zero waste, micro mill.
  • Six different breeds combine to make the natural silver - the collective colour of the island flock, vintage¬†IW1.
  • Flat finished, steam pressed, they will bloom and become softer with time.
  • Each blanket measures 180cm x 150cm and weighs around 2kg. Probably the heaviest woollen blanket in existence.¬†
  • Exemplary sustainability - a durable¬†textile that celebrates people and place.
  • Friend for life.
  • Provides¬†reassurance. Really.