Iona Wool

Limited edition, single origin, quality yarn.Iona Wool

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Iona Wool is a high quality yarn spun exclusively from fleeces gathered on the beautiful Isle of Iona, each carefully selected from the variety of breeds found on the crofts and farms throughout the island. The sheep on Iona enjoy the full spectrum of weather as they graze our island. Their cosy fleeces are conditioned by fresh winds and clean waters, as well as the magical sunlight for which Iona is renowned. Each year in June they are sheared to enjoy the warmth of the Hebridean sun, and our work begins. Over several days we sort through them by hand, one fleece at a time. Working together, feeling with our hands, only the finest fibres are kept and go on to become Iona Wool. Each batch is assigned a number: IW1, IW2, IW3, IW4. This number refers to the batch of wool as well as the dye lot.