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Celtic Tree Zodiac Amulet Necklace

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Explore ancient Celtic astrology and discover your tree sign, with NIXEY's fine and sterling silver Amulet necklace. Handcrafted in the U.K.

Each silver Amulet pendants carries a hand carved leaf motif inspired by the 13 tree signs of Celtic astrology. 

Each necklace comes with a printed, hand painted card describing each birth sign and individually boxed. Amulet/pendant approx 2.5cm and chain length 45cm.

Birth Signs:

Rowan - The Thinker 21st Jan - 17th Feb. Progressive, creative, with high ideals. Equivalent: Aquarius.

Ash - The Enchanter, 18th Feb - 17th Mar. Logical, sensitive, compassionate. Equivalent: Aquarius / Pisces.

Alder - The Trailblazer, 18th Mar - 14th Apr. Adventurous, courageous and charismatic. Equivalent: Pisces / Aries

Willow - The Observer, 15th Apr - 12th May. Articulate, strong-willed and resourceful. Equivalent: Aries / Taurus.

Hawthorn - The Illusionist, 13th May - 9th Jun. Adaptable, strategic, a good listener. Equivalent: Taurus / Gemini.

Oak - The Stabiliser, 10th June - 7th Jul. Determined, self-motivated, optimistic. Equivalent: Gemini / Cancer.

Holly - The Ruler, 8th Jul - 4th Aug. Practical, strong and steadfast. Equivalent: Cancer / Leo.

Hazel - The Knower, 5th Aug - 1st Sep. Perceptive and clever, with good reasoning powers. Equivalent: Leo / Virgo.

Vine - The Equaliser, 2nd Sep - 29th Sep. Kind, authoritative, with high personal standards. Equivalent: Virgo / Libra.

Ivy - The Survivor, 30th Sep - 27th Oct. Exuberant, unique with great personal stamina. Equivalent: Libra / Scorpio.

Reed - The Inquisitor, 28th Oct - 24th Nov. Imaginative, with a powerful presence. Equivalent: Scorpio / Sagittarius.

Elder - The Seeker, 25th Nov - 23rd Dec. Intelligent, self-sufficient, energetic. Equivalent: Sagittarius / Capricorn.

Birch - The Achiever, 24th Dec - 20th Jan. Determined, resilient, ambitious.