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Iona Wool Socks

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Handmade, supercosy, house socks with a reinforced toe and heel. 
50% Iona Wool, 25% Nylon, 25% Mohair.
On Iona we generally kick off our shoes at the front door and slide around our houses in our socks, so we've been wanting to make a proper, rugged sock with Iona Wool for ages. The first step was to create a suitable yarn which meant adding some nylon and mohair to the spin for added durability and comfort. Next we had to find a suitable partner who could make the sock we wanted. We were lucky to hear about a place in Finland that was still making traditional Finnish house socks on century old British machines, and after a short conversation we knew we’d found a perfect partner. See for yourself!

Available in three sizes;

Small, UK 4 - 6, European 37 - 39, US 6 - 8.5.

Medium, UK 6.5 - 8, European 40 - 42, US 7 - 9.

Large, UK 9 - 11, European 43 - 45, US 10 -12.

NB. Traditional Finnish woollen socks are designed to be loose around the ankle. 

Machine wash up to 30°C.