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The Reassuring Blanket III - Iona Wool, Limited Anniversary Edition

The Reassuring Blanket III - Iona Wool, Limited Anniversary Edition

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“It's like having a woolly minder”

Our third edition of this legendary Iona Wool blanket celebrates 10 years of Iona Wool, with a warp made from the last of our first edition (IW1) Chunky, and a weft made with our Aran weight from IW5 - lighter in tone and contrasting beautifully. We're calling the weave pattern "Wave" not least because Ardalanish Mill is beside one of Mull's only surf spots.

The Chunky yarn used in the warp is so beautiful, thick and gnarly you can almost make out the individual sheep, and it's this that provides the weight that makes this blanket so legendary. With a single broad stripe in our Basalt shade this is a heavyweight classic  - necessarily timeless because it will last forever.

Available in a limited edition of 30.

  • Woven 8 miles from source on the mighty Dobcross loom at Ardalanish - a wind powered, zero waste, micro mill.
  • Six different breeds combine to make the natural silver - the collective colour of the island flock, vintage IW1.
  • Design detail in Basalt.
  • Flat finished, steam pressed, they will bloom and become softer with time.
  • Each blanket measures 180cm x 150cm, and weighs around 1.7kg.
  • Exemplary sustainability - a durable textile celebrating heritage, people and place.
  • Friend for life.
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